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Searching for Older Operating System Software

Owning and working on computers for any length of time means you will have gone through at least one version of an operating system. As device capabilities increase, programs are updated to allow for more and more capabilities. There have been a number of versions of Windows since Microsoft brought out Windows 98, and even more since the first version of Windows.

Why Would You Want Win98?

If you have an older piece of hardware, you need older software in order to run it. The hardware inside the computer cannot run more modern programs. Additionally, you might have some precious programs that you do not want to stop using.

  • Older Hardware: Computers from the late 1990s or early 2000s can handle this version of Windows. If you have a computer works perfectly fine for what it needs to do, having a backup CD-ROM of Windows will give you some peace of mind to know you can continue running the hardware for a while longer.
  • Older Programs: Occasionally you might find the perfect program for your needs. Maybe its a business inventory software, or perhaps its the best game youve ever played. Sometimes, companies stop supporting those products. Theres no need to give it up completely if you have hardware and an operating system that support it.
  • Save Money: Similar to the previous point, if you are finding yourself in need of choosing between updating a program and keeping your older system working, you might want to consider the trade-offs. Is it more efficient to replace the program and retrain? Or is it better to run the older software for a while longer?

What Cant You Do On Win98?

Keep in mind that the last browser that was released for Windows 98 came out in 2001. If you are heavily involved in Internet use, you will find that your access is limited. There are, of course, other limitations with the system.

  • Internet Access: Most people find that they need to access the Internet several times a day for email, news, or even social media sites. Browsers built in the very early part of 2000 or 2001 are not be able to access most modern websites. You might need to keep a backup device for this part of your day.
  • Most Up-To-Date Software: There have not been any programs developed to run on Win98 programs for some time. While you might be able to get a few more recent programs working on a desktop, they will not be the most recent versions of anything. If you need the most recent Microsoft productivity programs, for example, you will be out of luck on this system.

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