Military Academy Collectibles

There are a variety of military academy collectibles available. They can range from small commemorative coins to large pieces of artwork that can be mounted on a wall. The military collectibles could be representative of any of the military academies, including the more well-known schools like West Point and The Citadel and smaller preparatory academies like Valley Forge and Camden Military Academy.

Are there vintage uniforms available to buy?

At many of the military academies, students have been expected to wear different uniforms to class, during training exercises, and to formal events. For that reason, each student would have been issued several uniforms, from the camouflage combat uniforms to full dress uniforms. Those uniforms could have been slightly different from the official uniforms that soldiers have traditionally been given in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force. You can find old pieces from various military academies. Examples include:

  • A parade jacket from The Citadel.
  • A full dress cadet uniform from West Point.
  • A wool jacket issued by the United States Military Academy.
  • A military academy coat from Valley Forge.
  • A white dress uniform from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
  • A cadet midshipman hat issued by the United States Naval Academy.
Can medals and pins be purchased?

Those attending military academies often receive medals and pins during their training and service. Some of those collectible items can be available to buy. They could have been issued just a few years prior or could be over a century old. Some medals are shipped on their own, while others are sent in their original cases.

What types of artwork might one find?

Art has commonly been a way to mark certain events, such as graduations and battles. Artwork has also been used to market organizations. In the case of military colleges and schools, pieces of art have been used as recruiting materials. It includes:

  • Vintage Army recruitment posters that were put up around towns in previous years, encouraging young men to sign up for service.
  • Newspaper advertisements with pictures of military academies and recruitment information.
  • Prints that depict cadet and Army life from various years.
  • Paintings, sketches, and drawings that illustrate college life on a military campus.
  • Old postcards that college students/cadets may have once sent to loved ones.
What are other types of military collectibles available?

There are a wide range of military collectibles to be found, such as:

  • Signed acceptance letters from different schools.
  • Documents commemorating student achievements, either academic or physical ones.
  • Military mugs with official school emblems printed on them.
  • Army class rings.
  • Military academy pennants.
  • Souvenir college coasters.
  • Class yearbooks, school magazines, school brochures, and old academic textbooks.