Minecraft Plush Doll Video Game Merchandise

What is Minecraft Plush Merchandise?

Your child creates his or her own universes and engages in gameplay with a variety of colorful characters and villains, and to him or her, Minecraft is more than just a game. With that in mind, there is also merchandise available depicting the characters and environments from this fantasy world. For an upcoming birthday or holiday for the child who loves the game, a plush toy in the shape of a Minecraft character would make an exciting present.

What Are Some Types of Plush Toys?

Plush dolls come in assorted types, so select the Minecraft doll that suits your purposes or just pick the doll in the form of the character your child likes.

  • Some toys look like some of the main characters, and there are several human characters, or "skins" as theyre called in the game.
  • The world of Minecraft is inhabited by animals as well as humans and other creatures, so there are plush toys in the forms of many animals.
  • There are also some creatures that can either be villains or serve as neutral allies when necessary, and these dont look like animals or humans. They may or may not attack you, so you may need to defend yourself. These plush toys have a distinct look and may appear more menacing to some children than human or animal stuffed dolls do.

What Are Some Characters You Can Purchase?

Due to the commercial success of Minecraft, there are many types of plush toys that you can purchase based on the games various characters. Whether you want to collect the entire series of Minecraft plush toys or you only want to buy your favorite characters, there are many toys to choose.

  • The human who serves as the games protagonist is named Steve. He wears a blue shirt and pants and has brown hair and blue eyes. His skin is flesh-toned, and he has a smiling face.
  • Animals available in plush form include bear, horse, cow, cat, chicken, pig, and sheep toys.
  • Creatures such as the Enderman, Creeper, or Zombie Pigman can be allies or enemies depending on the circumstances, so when youre playing Minecraft, be prepared to defend yourself if necessary from some of these supernatural-looking creatures.

What Sizes Are These Plush Dolls?

As you browse stuffed toys based on Minecraft, youll notice that plush toys come in assorted sizes, so choose the Creeper or Enderdragon that fits your specifications.

  • Small toys, such as animals, typically measure six or seven inches. Baby characters, such as the baby cow, are generally the smaller ones, with some measuring only five inches.
  • Larger Minecraft plush toys measure 12, 13, or 14 inches.
  • For kids who want to sleep with their favorite Minecraft characters, plush pillows that measure larger sizes, such as 16 inches by 9 inches or 14 by 14 inches make an exciting addition to any Minecraft fans bedroom or collection of plush toys.