Picking the Right Mini Blade 12 V Car Fuse Taps

Mini-blade 12 V car fuse holders may be small, but they're audio and video automotive accessories that come in handy for many purposes, and you can use them for a multitude of reasons when it comes to connecting electrical components safely in your car.

What Are Mini-Blade Fuse Holders?

You may have seen or heard of these connectors before, which are also referred to as "add-a-circuit" taps or fuse holders, and there are some common ways that you might use a 12 V mini blade fuse holder.

  • Fuse holders let you add circuits to existing circuits safely by allowing you to connect the circuits without cutting the wires or risking injury or damage. Essentially, you can create a double slot from a single fuse block by using these.
  • You can also use them for purposes like installing an amplifier, a car stereo, a DVD player, a ham or CB radio, or a radar detector, among other things.
  • They install without much trouble since all that you do is plug one into the proper slot that's energized, and you're ready to use the occupied or vacant holder to encase the fuse correctly to keep your components safely connected.

What Are Some Features of Mini Fuse Holders?

Not only are they an uncomplicated and safe way to connect automotive circuits without having to splice wires, but fuse holders have numerous features that make them appealing audio or automotive accessories.

  • Short-circuit protection means you don't have to worry about your tech's fuses shorting out, any electrical damage, or risk of a safety hazard when you're connecting components using an add-a-circuit fuse holder.
  • You can add an extra layer of fuse protection by choosing a waterproof fuse holder that resists damage when accidentally splashed. There are even meltproof mini-blade fuse holders that don't allow elevated temperatures to affect them.
  • Although you can use them for audio purposes, mini-blade fuse holders are useful for other automotive purposes as well, such as installing LED lighting or dashboard cameras. They're a strong option for anything that needs to go to the main fuse box in order to keep circuitry safe.

How Do You Choose an Audio Fuse?

There are a few factors that are wise to consider when you need to pick an audio fuse as they can help you to find the right adapter for your specific electrical needs.

  • Consider amperage, which is likely based on what you're using the fuse holder for. Some amperages to consider include 10 amp, 15 amp, or 20 amp, among other options.
  • Wire gauges vary, depending on the purpose for which you need the fuse holders. For instance, you may want 10-gauge or 16-gauge wire.
  • You can buy fuse holders individually or purchase a kit that comes with more than one tap holder along with other required accessories.

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