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Frequently Asked Questions about Minn Kota Products

Minn Kota is a company that manufacturers outboard trolling motors and related accessories for small boats. If you're looking for a trolling motor to add to your fishing boat, this company has a selection of models for different requirements such as power, noise, battery life, and mounting location. You can find new and pre-owned Minn Kota products on eBay for reasonable prices.

What is a trolling motor?

Trolling motors are small outboard motors used primarily by fishermen to quietly move their boat to a precise fishing spot. They lack the power needed to travel large distances, so they are used in addition to a fishing boat's regular outboard motor, which usually has a gasoline engine. These motors can be controlled by hand or foot devices to allow the boat to be driven in a precise way. These portable motors can be placed at the front or rear of a boat and typically are taken out of the water when the primary outboard motor is used.

What's the best way to choose the right trolling motor?

There are a few factors that determine which trolling motor is right for your boat and fishing style. Below is an outline of the important features to consider when shopping for a unique Minn Kota freshwater trolling motor.

  • Thrust: The thrust rating on trolling motors is often measured in pounds. The speed that these motors can move your boat depends on the size of the boat and the amount of thrust provided.
  • Power supply: Most trolling motors come in 12, 24, or 36-volt varieties. A 12-volt motor runs on a single battery, while 24-volt or 36-volt motors have two or three batteries. Motors with more than one battery will run longer before needing a recharge.
  • Bow or transom motors: Bow-mounted motors will provide much better steering than the stern motors, but they are also more complicated to mount. You'll need a boat with enough room at the bow and special clamps to secure the motor.
What accessories are available for Minn Kota trolling motors?

Minn Kota makes various accessories that enhance the functionality of their trolling motors. Here's a few to consider when shopping for a new motor.

  • Remote control add-ons
  • Battery life extenders
  • Handheld controls
  • Foot pedal controls
  • Transom mounts
  • Battery chargers
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