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Motorcycle License Plate Lights

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all vehicles, including motorcycles, are required to illuminate their license plates at night. This makes it so that other drivers and law enforcement officers can clearly see the plates. If you want to find the right color and style of light to put on your motorcycle, there are several options and ideas from which you can choose.

What types of motorcycle plate lights are there?

Theres no one standard for license plate lights. In fact, there are different types of motorbike bulbs available.

  • Bolt lights Bolt lights feature the bulbs on the heads of the bolts that screw the license plate onto the back of the motorbike.
  • Strip lights: As their name implies, these lights consist of a strip of bulbs that mount above the motorbikes license plate to shine down on it and illuminate it.
What colors are available for motorcycle plate bulbs?

Just like you can get different colors of bulbs for your car or truck, you get different colors of bulbs for your motorbikes light. The available colors are the following

  • White: These bulbs are among the most common colors of bulbs used for motorcycle due to their high-brightness levels.
  • Blue: Blue bulbs give off a slightly softer glow than the white ones, and they might compliment a certain type of finish or color on certain motorbikes.
  • Red: Red bulbs are noticeable because theyre the same color as brake lights. Their glow isnt blindingly bright either.
  • Amber: Amber bulbs have a yellowish, amber glow thats somewhere between the glow of red and white ones. Some motorcyclists choose this color of bulbs for style purposes.
What should you consider when buying a motorcycle plate light?

Many factors can affect your purchasing decision when youre in the market for motorbike lights. Keep the following considerations in mind to make a more informed buying decision:

  • Units needed: Consider how many bulbs you need for your motorbike. If you plan on getting a strip, then youll likely only need one strip to shine down on the motorcycles license from above. However, if you plan on purchasing license plate bolts, then youll need to determine how many screws your motorbikes license plate needs to secure it to the back of your motorcycle. Some require two while others use four.
  • Finish: Bike license bulbs come in different finishes. Some have chrome finishes while others have plastic finishes. While plastic finishes might be okay for strip bulbs, chrome finishes might be the choice for bolted bulbs.