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How to Select a Motorola Cell Phone LCD Screen

Cell Phone LCD screens provide a few different benefits to your device. The product may be used as a replacement for an unusable or damaged default cell phone screen. A replacement LCD will function identically to that found on your device by default and get you back to enjoying your phone.

What are cell phone LCD screens?

These interchangeable pieces of hardware are designed to increase visual fidelity and color accuracy on mobile devices. In some cases, the hardware can also increase the motion clarity. The displays are commonly constructed with a hybrid glass that contains highly durable plastic in tandem with other standard glass options. These pieces of hardware are most commonly used as stand-ins for damaged default or original hardware.

The plastics included in the screen's constitution help add to its overall durability and ability to withstand wear over time. The replacement hardware may be more durable than default displays. The replacement LCD screens come in styles intended for all models of Motorola smart devices. The screen displays must be paired with a digitizer to function optimally.

What are some features of an LCD screen display?

LCD screen displays for your smartphone provide a number of features:

  • Enhanced Detail: This technology gives screens the ability to display detail on smaller objects and provides a smoother viewing experience for large screens. The hardware also increases pixel clarity and density on a swath of devices. Displays should be paired with a screen protector.
  • Clarity of motion: The hardware gives users the ability to see fast-moving objects with clarity. This should be in congruence with resolutions; the higher the resolution, the more detail can be seen, and the smoother the overall image becomes.
  • Fingerprint Resistant: Lastly, LCD screens are fingerprint-resistant. This is because of a custom overlay that allows for dirt and unwanted debris to simply glide off the edge of the product. This hardware may require less overall maintenance as a result.
Are these screens universal with all Motorola devices?

Yes, this product is universal with Motorola hardware. So long as the device is a smartphone and made by the correct manufacturer, the hardware should function as it was intended. Separate models of the product are available for other scenarios. For plus-sized and overly compact models, there is a corresponding model of the hardware. You may want to consider checking your phone's packaging and manufacturer to ensure you have these details.

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