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Get There on Time and in Style With Movado Wristwatches for Women

Movado wristwatches for women display all the style, innovation, and quality the company has been known for since it began in Switzerland more than 100 years ago. The timepieces range in style from bold designs to understated elegance and from casual looks to formal fashion. Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing a new, refurbished, or used Movado women's wrist watch on eBay.

How do you choose the right Movado wristwatch for women?

Consider the purpose for the watch. Frequency of use, technology specifications, environmental conditions, and budget are all important factors.

  • Select a subtle design for daily use or a formal design for special occasions.
  • Choose a smartwatch option for its touchscreen dial and ability to sync with other devices.
  • Decide on the level of water resistance you need.
  • Pick your desired wrist design from silicone, fabric and leather straps, gold or silver ion-plated bands, and bangle bracelets.
  • Choose from new or preowned options based on your budget and product availability.
What features do Movado wristwatches for women have?

Aside from the signature Movado dot at the 12 o'clock position, Movado women's wristwatches come with a range of features from traditional to high-tech. You can choose:

  • Analog, digital, combination, and unmarked displays
  • Quartz battery, quartz automatic, mechanical, and smart module movements
  • Stainless steel, crystal, and ceramic materials
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces
Available movement types

The movement of a watch is also called its caliber. It is the driving force behind the timekeeping, calendar and time zone operations of the watch. Movado wristwatches for women have four innovative movement types available.

Mechanical is the most traditional type of movement, recognized by its telltale smooth second hand motion. Mechanical movement is fueled from energy generated by a spring that must be wound every one to five days. Luxury watches often utilize this type of movement.

Quartz battery movement requires minimal maintenance. Watches powered by this type of movement have a second hand that moves with a ticking motion. Quartz battery watch maintenance is generally limited to battery replacement. Quartz automatic movement is an elegant internal design. Watches with this type of movement are powered by an internal rotor that spins with the wearer's wrist motion. These are watches that require minimal maintenance and are intended to last a long time.

Smart Module movement is a proprietary smartwatch technology. Movado's Connect 2.0 smartwatches feature this type of movement that also allows for touchscreen operation.

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