The clothing company Napapijri, founded in 1987 and based in Aosta, Italy, creates upscale casual wear, including outerwear. Their men’s fleeces, jackets, and coats have a distinctive style while also providing protection from wet and cold weather conditions. This Italian apparel is designed to be durable, and can be used for athletic or casual occasions.

What types of outerwear does Napapijri make?

Napapijri provides many styles of outerwear, which come in colors such as black, brown, blue, and olive. One well-known line is Skidoo, which includes jackets, parkas, and anoraks.

  • Coats: You can find a variety of coats, including long ski coats, fleece-lined coats, and hooded coats.
  • Puffer jackets: Puffer jackets are filled with a down-free padding for warmth in cold weather. You can also find vest versions of these jackets to wear in warmer weather.
  • Pullovers: Pullover jackets are warm and utilitarian while looking dressier than a sweatshirt.
  • Sweaters: The brand's sweaters can be worn alone or layered for additional warmth.
  • Parkas: These are made to withstand the coldest of temperatures.
  • Sweatshirts: Napapijri sweatshirts come in lightweight and fleece-lined versions.
Are Napapijri jackets weatherproof?

Depending on the type you select, your Napapijri outwear may protect you from these types of weather:

  • Cold: The jackets provide varying degrees of warmth, especially in the longer sizes.
  • Wind: Thick padding helps to keep wind from cutting through your outerwear.
  • Rain: Though the basic cloth jackets are not waterproof, the Rainforest line has special coatings designed to keep you dry in rain.
  • Snow: Napapijri ski jackets are both waterproof and cold-resistant, so they can be worn for days in the snow.
Does Napapijri offer anything besides outerwear?

Though the brand is known for its coats, jackets, and sweaters, they also create other types of casual wear.

  • Shirts: Napapijri shirts provide warmth even without a jacket, and they are available in many sizes.
  • Pants: You can find a variety of chinos and ski pants in this brand.
  • Shoes: This maker's rugged shoes are made to be be worn during lengthy hikes.
  • Accessories: Hats, bags, scarves, and more can be found.
What are the Napapijri clothing sizes?

The brand creates jackets and trousers in a variety of sizes. Its size guide lists men's sizes XS to 3XL for jackets, and waist sizes 28 to 40 for pants. The fleeces and pullovers are typically loose, so you may be able to wear a size smaller than usual.

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