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Napkin Rings and Holders

Whether you are planning a simple dinner for two or an elegant dinner party for several guests, a napkin holder and napkin rings can add a special touch to the layout. From heart napkin rings to festive holiday themes, there is a wide variety available. Keeping a few details in mind will help you weigh the options and choose the right combination for your event.

How are napkin rings and holders different?
  • Napkin rings are used to display a cloth napkin at each table setting. The napkin is folded and pulled halfway through the usually circular napkin ring, adding a festive touch to the table linens.
  • Napkin holders are designed to hold a stack of paper napkins either on end between two barriers, or horizontally within a square frame. When set on a table or counter, diners can take napkins as they need them.
What are they made of?

Napkin rings are made of a myriad of materials.

  • Natural materials used include wood, burlap, jute, cotton and seashells.
  • Metal options are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel with chrome, gold, silver or copper finishes.
  • Stone napkin rings can be made of marble or granite.
  • Other materials used include ceramic, acrylic, and metal inlaid with jewel tone stones like amber, ruby, and emerald.
How many come in a set?
  • Many napkin rings are sold in sets of four or six, while others need to be purchased individually.
  • Sets of 24 or 100 are available for weddings and other large celebrations.
  • Paper bands are sold in cases of 2,000-20,000.
What designs are available?
  • Horizontal napkin holders often incorporate a paper weight that either moves freely or is hinged to the side of the holder. Napkin weight styles include clips, bars and spherical elements attached to a metal arm.
  • The sides of standing holders can be flat and solid, or feature arches, woven textures, posts or scroll designs.
  • Napkin ring designs all wrap around the napkin.
  • They can be circles, squares, spirals, or arches with a flat base.
  • Some have style elements like hearts and snowflakes attached to the front, while others are in the shape of the elements themselves.
Are there disposable options?
  • Disposable paper bands come prewrapped around folded white napkins, or flat with self-sealing glue so you can wrap them yourself.
  • They come in several colors and designs, and can be customized with monograms or messages for your special occasion.
  • Paper napkin rings also come in white or silver lace patterns for elegant dining.
What themes are available?

Napkin holders and napkin rings can be purchased for every occasion throughout the year.

  • Heart napkin rings are popular choices for Valentine's Day.
  • Sleigh bells, Nutcracker characters, snowmen and holly are some winter holiday themes.
  • Flowers, pine cones, maple leaves, and butterflies celebrate seasons year-round.

Taking into account the materials, sets and designs available should help you choose the right napkin rings and napkin holder for your needs.