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How Do I Set Up a Home Security System Using Night Owl Cameras?

Part of setting up your own security system at home is which cameras you chose to use. This brand makes both wireless and wired models for your home security system. Here are a few features and troubleshooting tips for your Night Owl Security system.

How Do I Set Up and Use Wired Security Cameras?

You can reliability in your security and home surveillance by using wired cameras, which do not depend on the Wi-Fi system to always be connecting to your main security hub in the house. Even so, some of these have the ability to connect to your smart device.

  • Night Vision - Infrared cameras with infrared LED illuminators will give you an image even when natural light sources are absent. The lower the Lux rating, the less external light they need to make an image. The red glow is visible, but most people would not notice the infrared LEDs on a surveillance camera. Their cameras also have HD quality images, but the range of night vision limits to around 100 feet.
  • Remote Monitoring - All cameras are compatible with remote viewing systems including remote viewing through PC and Mac or through a mobile device. Make sure that you have entered the correct IP address in order to access your DVR remotely.

How Do I Set Up and Use Wireless Security Cameras?

You can get added security for your home by using wireless cameras. These are easier to install because you do not need to drill holes and run wires to hook them into your system, which means that you can attach them where you need them rather than worrying about whether you can or cant run wires there.

  • Wi-Fi Network Access - Because wireless cameras require a Wi-Fi signal in order to connect with your other security system hardware, you should first test the strength of the signal using your phone before you finalize the location. You do have the option of recording to a microSD card in the event that you are not able to get a consistent wireless signal of a live feed.
  • Add-On or Standalone - Your wireless camera can either pair with you existing NVR system or you can have it just record to a microSD card. If paired with the NVR system, then you can use the app on your smartphone or tablet to view through the camera, adding an extra dimension to home security.
  • Camera Styles - Both wired and wireless models come in styles like a dome or bullet camera shapes. Some are also audio enabled.

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