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Nikon 1 Digital Cameras

Digital cameras can provide you with the ability to capture all different kinds of photos and have them saved to an internal memory card. These cameras usually come with a resolution that can be anywhere from around 3 megapixels to more than 20 megapixels. These devices come in a wide range of size options that extend from compact to large.

What are some of the different types of digital cameras?

  • Digital SLR: This is a type of digital single-lens reflex camera that is designed to accommodate a wide range of settings across both automatic and manual control schemes. Most of these cameras provide you with the ability to alter from manual to automatic or from automatic to manual with small switches. They can be large in size and usually come with lenses that can be removed.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a type of camera that is designed to provide with the means of pointing and shooting the camera without preparation. Most of the settings, such as the exposure and focus settings, are handled automatically by the camera before the snapping of each photo.
  • Action: These are cameras that are outfitted with certain features that allow them to capture action photos, which involves any type of photo where something is moving in the frame. They usually come in a hand-held design.
  • Underwater: This is a type of camera that can be taken underwater for a lengthy period of time as it comes with a sealed design. These cameras typically come with basic features as well as a lens that is retractable.
  • Mirrorless interchangeable: This is a type of camera that comes without a mirror system and is usually equipped with a digital display system. These cameras accommodate interchangeable lenses as well and come in a compact form due to the absence of a mirror system between the lens and the sensor.

What are some features available with these cameras?

These cameras can be outfitted with such features as the ability to capture and record video in either 720P or 1080P resolution, both of which are high-definition resolutions. Some of the picture settings available with digital cameras include automatic pixel mapping, auto contrast balance, interval shooting mode, and image stabilization. Face detection, blink detection, and red-eye reduction are also available in many of these models. Most digital cameras include a tripod thread as well as a histogram display. Some of the additional features that can be equipped on these digital cameras include DPOF support, an autofocus lock, a built-in speaker and flash system, dioptric adjustments, and exposure compensation.

What colors do these digital cameras come in?

These digital cameras come in a large variety of color options, the primary of which include black and silver. Some of the other colors that you can choose include beige, red, white, green, orange, and yellow. Some of these devices are also available in multiple colors with combinations like silver and black and red and black.

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