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A Guide to Using Nikon 52mm Camera Lens Hoods

A lens hood can provide benefits to you when you photograph outdoors. Nikon 52mm camera lens hoods can be used on many lenses. Understanding the options you have with lens accessories will allow you to get what's needed for your Nikon.

What is a lens hood used for?

A Nikon lens hood is used as an accessory when you're photographing outdoors. Regardless of what Nikkor lens you may attach to your Nikon camera, you will want to protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays. The hood will also be able to block out the sun so that you don't have to worry about a flare on your images. It is a removable accessory that works much better than cupping your hand over the lens when taking a photograph.

What is a tulip-shaped hood used for?

If you have a Nikkor lens that is a wide-angle, you have to be cautious about the edges of the lens hood showing up on the image itself. A tulip-shaped hood has cut-outs to ensure that the edges don't appear. You will, therefore, want to consider this design over a tube-shaped one when choosing a hood for a wide-angle or fisheye lens.

How does a hood attach?

A hood may attach to your lens in several ways. You will want to review what the options are to ensure you achieve convenience and security.

  • Screw-in: Some hoods can thread into the front of the lens or the filter.
  • Snap-on: Some hoods will snap into place.
  • Slip-on: Some hoods will slip directly over the front of the lens.
What size hood is needed?

There are two sizing factors when choosing a Nikon lens hood. The first is the millimeter measurement of the lens. For example, a 52mm lens will need a 52mm hood. Additionally, you want to look at the focal length of the lens. The smaller the focal length is, the shorter you will want the hood. Most lens hoods will identify the full focal length that it is designed for. A telescopic hood will also allow you to make adjustments so that it can fit onto more lenses, providing you with greater flexibility.

What are the materials hoods come in?

A Nikon lens hood can be made of a few different materials. Understanding what's available will make it easier for you to choose what will hold up in the elements you will be photographing.

  • Metal: Heavy and durable
  • Rubber: Lightweight and flexible
  • Acrylic: Lightweight and rigid
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