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Nikon Camera Lens Filter Rings & Holders 52 mm To Fit Lens Front

Using 52mm Lens Filters

In digital photography, a lens filter for your 52mm Nikon camera lens can serve various purposes. Filters are useful accessories that can be used when capturing scenery in very difficult lighting conditions. They can brighten colors, reduce reflections, provide UV protection for your lenses, and protect the lenses of your camera against scratches. These filters are normally attached to your 52mm camera lens with a ring or other holder.

Are there different types of 52mm lens filters?

There are different types of lens filters that can be fitted onto the 52mm lens of your Nikon camera. Each type of 52mm lens filter serves a different purpose. Some of the more common types are:

  • UV Filter. A UV filter is basically a clear filter that provides protection against the harmful effects of UV light and also protects the front of your lens from dust, scratches, moisture, and dirt. You can keep the 52mm UV filter permanently mounted on your 52mm Nikon lens.
  • Polarizing Filter. When polarized light is filtered out, reflections are dramatically reduced, colors are enhanced, and contrast is increased. A polarizing filter is normally circular to make it easier to control the effect that you will achieve with polarization.
  • Neutral Density Filter. A neutral density filter reduces the light that enters the camera to decrease the shutter speed. It is normally used when shooting moving objects to create a motion blur effect and also when a flash is used with a large aperture setting to prevent overexposure.
  • Graduated Neutral Density Filters. These filters are normally used when the background is brighter than the foreground or the foreground is brighter than the background. Rectangular in shape, they are usually fitted to the lens using filter holders.

Which different shapes of filters are there?

There are different shapes and types of filters available that fits onto the 52mm lens of your Nikon camera. Some of them are:

  • Screw-on Filters. These screw-in circular filters screw directly onto the front of your 52mm lens. UV filters and circular polarizer filters are examples of screw-on filters.
  • Square Filters. Square filters are inserted into a filter holder which is screwed onto the front of the Nikon lens. Filters of neutral density and graduated neutral density are normally square filters.
  • Rectangular Filters. Rectangular filters are mostly used to photograph landscapes and are mounted on your 52mm Nikon lens in a similar way as square filters.

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