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Nikon Neutral Density Camera Lens Filter

What to Know About Nikon Neutral Density Camera Lenses

Nikon has been producing optical equipment and imaging products for over a century. The company also manufactures neutral density filters as part of a range of accessories that you can attach to your camera. If you you need a neutral density lens for your photography work, it may be how they work, what styles are available, and how to maintain them.

What is a neutral density filter?

In photography, a filter with a neutral density is one that can modify the wavelengths of all light while making no changes to the hues of colors you see. Standard neutral filters work to reduce how much light passes through the lens.

This feature might be useful to you because this reduction in the amount of light gives you a broader range of photographic options while in the field. You may be able to photograph backgrounds or subjects that might otherwise be too washed out on a bright day. A neutral density filter may also give you the ability to select aperture settings, exposure times, and sensor settings that you might not be able to use without it.

What are some potential uses of these filters?

Mechanically, a neutral density filter reduces light in order to make specialized photographic shots possible. However, you may wish to know some potential ways this reduction in light could be used in the field. Some common ways this type of Nikon filter could prove useful to you include:

  • Blurring the motion of moving water in a scene when combining the filter with a slow shutter speed.
  • Letting you use a wider aperture than you normally would. This could allow you to stay below the diffraction limit during your photography sessions.
  • Reducing the overall visibility of objects in motion during a shoot.
  • Extending your overall exposure time.
  • Reducing your field of depth on a bright day.
What are some features of neutral density filters?

Because most filters are designed to work with camera or camcorder lenses, they will usually share a similar shape. Neutral filters are circular to accommodate the lenses of the electronic equipment you are using. Their diameters can vary from model to model, allowing you to choose one that fits over the device of your choice. They are usually measured in millimeters according to their overall diameters. Some diameters for these products include:

  • 39mm
  • 52mm
  • 62mm
  • 72mm
  • 82mm
How do you install and maintain neutral filters?

Before you try to attach a lens filter to your camera or camcorder, you may wish to check for any specific instructions from the manufacturer regarding compatibility. You can screw most filters onto the end of your lens. To clean the lens, you can use a soft tissue mixed with a small amount of lens-cleaning solution.

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