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Nokia Android Cell Phones & Smartphones

Everything You Should Know About Nokia Android Cell Phones and Smartphones

Nokia android cell phones and smartphones provide you with a device that lets you access the internet, listen to music, and make calls to anyone you know. These smartphones are compatible with a wide range of cellular networks that include T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. These devices also come with a variety of screen sizes that you can consider, ranging from 3.5 inches to over 6 inches.

How do you choose a smartphone?

There are a large number of factors that go into selecting a Nokia smartphone. These guidelines can help you identify which variables to focus on during your search.

  • Choose your preferred color: The many color options available with these phones extend from black and silver to gold and white.
  • Select a storage capacity: These phones can come with a wide range of different storage amounts that extend from 4.3MB to around 256GB. There are 1,000 megabytes (MB) in every gigabyte (GB).
  • Consider available camera resolutions: The camera resolutions that you can choose with these models range from 1.5MP to close to 22MP. There are 1,000 pixels in every megapixel (MP), which helps to determine the detail found in a picture taken with the device.
  • Look at features: These smartphones can be outfitted with an array of features that include Bluetooth capabilities, touchscreens, Wi-Fi connections, and music players.
Which color options are available with these smartphones?

There are a large number of color options that you can select with these smartphones, the primary of which include silver and black. Some of the additional color options available include blue, brown, green, white, gold, red, and yellow. A small number of these Nokia models come in multiple colors with such combinations as red and black and green and black.

What are the different styles available with these smartphones?
  • Bar style: This is a style wherein the front of the mobile phone is covered almost entirely by the screen with small spaces left towards the top and bottom of the device. The display always consists of a touchscreen.
  • Flip style: This style is comprised of two sections that are attached via a hinge. The bottom section consists of a keyboard while the top section includes the screen. The top section folds over the bottom section when closed and can flip open to reveal the rest of the phone.
  • Slide style: This is a style that comes with two layers, the top of which slides upwards to reveal a keyboard underneath. The top layer is the screen.
  • Swivel style: This is a style where the top layer slides outwards and rests in a horizontal position with the bottom layer remaining in a vertical position. The top layer is comprised of the screen for the device while the bottom layer consists of the keyboard.
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