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Oceanic Dive Computers

Dive computers, sometimes known as personal decompression computers or decompression meters, are devices used in SCUBA diving to track duration and depth. The devices use that data to calculate a safe ascent so the SCUBA diver can avoid decompression sickness. Dive computers are battery-operated with watertight and pressure-resistant cases.

What are the standard features of a dive computer?

A computer tracks the following information: no stop limits, depth, time, no stop time remaining, ascent rate, emergency decompression, and previous dive information. An Oceanic model also features:

  • An easy-to-read display.
  • Warning of low battery power.
  • Adjustable calculations for use of enriched air.
How should you choose a dive computer?

Consider the following to select the right computer:

  • The type of diving you will be using it for: Oceanic has basic computers geared toward new and recreational divers, as well as computers with additional features that are useful for those who SCUBA frequently. For those who free dive, Oceanic has the F.10 computer.
  • Which computer will work best with your equipment: You should check whether a dive computer is compatible with your buoyancy control device, regulator, and other dive equipment.
  • Features that match your dive style and equipment: You should be able to clearly read the computer with your mask on, and easily understand the information on the screen. You should also understand how to access all the information youll need during a dive.
What algorithm do Oceanic dive computers use?

Oceanic computers all offer dual algorithms. The Pelagic Z+ algorithm takes a conservative approach to recreational diving; for deep and decompression dives, it will maximize bottom time. The Pelagic DSAT algorithm safely maximizes underwater time, allowing repetitive recreational dives at multiple depths. You can choose your algorithm to closely match your buddys dive computer.

What software options are Oceanic computers compatible with?

Two types of dive management software are designed for use with Oceanic: OceanLog for PC and DiverLog for Mac. You can use these programs to store data either through upload or manual input.

How do you care for a dive computer?
  • Get to know your dive computer. Read the Oceanic instruction manual for your model. Practice navigating and using all the features before going diving with it.
  • After each use, rinse your dive computer with fresh water as soon as possible.
  • Store your device away from direct sunlight. This is especially true for the display screen. It should be kept in a cool, dry environment when not in use.
  • Protect it from being damaged or dropped.
  • Follow Oceanics instructions for replacing or recharging the battery between SCUBA sessions.
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