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Odyssey Golf Club Putter Head Covers

Protect Your Clubs with Odyssey Putter Golf Club Head Covers

Keep your putter safe while on the course with an Odyssey putter cover. The covers also keep those clubs safe while stored in your home or garage. You can browse the many listings for new and used covers on eBay to pick an affordable item designed for a specific putter or one that will fit a number of these clubs.

Types of Odyssey covers you can buy

Odyssey makes putter covers that will work on most types of putters. The company releases new designs each year that let you add some fun to your bag, too. The White Ice cover came out in 2016 and features graphics straight off the ice rink. Another design recreates the iconic look of the monsters used on warplanes during World War II. Youll also find designs that incorporate playing cards and other decorative elements.

What are limited edition covers?

In addition to the putter covers released regularly, the company also releases one limited edition cover nearly every year. This features a brand new design that the company created. The limited edition is usually available only for a set period of time, which is often just a few months.

Reasons to use putter covers

Putter covers keep your clubs protected from the elements as you play and while theyre stored. You can use them for added protection when traveling with your clubs, too. Other reasons to use an Odyssey putter cover include:

  • Safety from hot or cold: The cover keeps your club safe from temperature changes. Sharp changes between hot and cold weather can warp the putter head or the clubs shaft.
  • Protection from dust and debris: You can keep dust and debris away from your putter. The dust that builds up when you store your clubs can make your putter look dirty. It can also throw off the balance of the club and cause issues when you swing.
  • Protection against damage: An Odyssey putter cover can also keep your clubs from rubbing against one another in the bag to avoid bumps or knocks that can warp or damage them.
How long does a putter cover last?

An affordable putter cover may last for a few years or longer. It may depend on how often you golf and how often you remove the cover, though. The more you pull it off and put it back on, the more it will rub against the putter and wear down.

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