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Olympus Film Camera Parts

Olympus has been making cameras since 1936. If you love the old-school vibe of using a film camera, then there are several different types and models of cameras made available by the company through the years. When something breaks or malfunctions when you're using one of this brand's cameras, these are issues that are often repairable with replacement parts.

What are some types of Olympus film cameras?

The company has many different types of cameras, including;

  • Point-and-shoot: These units use a focus-free lens and are simple to operate.
  • Rangefinder: Most have twin range-finding mechanisms helping to achieve sharp photos.
  • Single-lens reflex (SLR): These units have a mirror-and-prism system allowing photographers to see the exact image through the viewfinder.
  • Medium format: These units have sensors larger than 35 millimeters.
  • Twin-lens reflex (TLR): These units have two lenses with the same focal length. Half frame: These units take two photos in every frame. Instant: These units produced photos in seconds.
What are some common parts of Olympus film cameras?

Getting the proper items for the specific model that you are repairing is essential, so knowing their names is important. Common ones include:

  • Aperture: This determines the amount of light allowed to enter the unit.
  • Body: This part holds everything together.
  • Film chamber: This part holds the film in place, and it uses film advance gears to move the film forward.
  • Flash: This part allows extra light to be added to a scene. Some units have an attached unit while others have a hot shoe mount for adding an external flash.
  • Lens: Light enters the unit through the lens. Some units have interchangeable lenses while others have a fixed choice. Light seal: This part blocks unwanted light from entering the unit. Shutter release: This part releases the shutter, allowing light to hit the film. Viewfinder: This clear piece of glass allows you to look through it to take a photo. On some units, there is no viewfinder as they contain a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen.
How do you clean an Olympus camera?

It often helps to clean your unit before you start working on it. Start by cleaning the outside surface with a damp cloth. Make a note of any loose parts so that you can tighten them later. On units with removable lenses, remove the lens and set it aside. Open the film chamber and turn the camera upside down. Use a hand blower to remove any dust, being careful not to touch the light seal. Soak a cotton swab in cleaning alcohol and use it to clean small parts. Remove any stubborn stains on dials with a pencil eraser. Use a pair of tweezers to open the compartment allowing you to reach the ground glass. Then, clean it with the alcohol before using alcohol to clean the viewfinder and the mirror. Finally, open the battery compartment and use a clean swab to wipe it free of debris.

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