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See Clearly with OtterBox Screen Protectors

Cell phones go everywhere: in pockets, on trips, to and from work every day, and to the gym. Scratching or damaging screens is relatively common, though chances are decreased with the use of a screen protector. OtterBox screen protectors for Samsung cell phones include glass screen protectors, tempered glass protectors, and specialized protectors that are available in a variety of different dimensions.

What phone models are compatible with these Otterbox accessories?

A variety of different Samsung devices are compatible with these screen protectors. Dimensions vary slightly depending on the particular phone, so ensure that you purchase the appropriate protector cover.

OtterBox makes display protectors for these Samsung models:

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Galaxy S
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
What colors are options?

Screen protectors come in several different shades that are all appropriately transparent in order for proper viewing. Surface protectors have the ability to tint the screen of a phone a particular color. Options include black, blue, clear, pink, white, and more.

What features are available?

Surface protector features for a touchscreen include 9H hardness, anti-peeping, anti-scratch, anti-shatter, glossy, matte, anti-glare, and washable. Hardness refers to how easy or difficult it is to scratch a surface. Surface protectors with 9H hardness are notably difficult to scratch or damage. Anti-peeping protectors appear dark from an angle, and only transparent with a head-on view. If you are sitting on the bus reading a text message, the passenger in the seat next to you will only see black upon looking at your phone’s screen. Anti-peeping protectors are also called privacy protectors.

Anti-scratch is similar to the 9H hardness; the surface is difficult to damage. Anti-shatter screen protectors hold the pieces of a screen together if it is dropped and broken. Glossy surface protectors have a little shine to them, while matte, anti-glare screens lack shine entirely for clarity. Washable surface protectors can be wiped down to remove dirt and debris.

What are care tips?

Caring for a screen protector depends on the particular kind. Most protectors can be wiped down regularly with a soft microfiber cloth. With the phone off, use circular motions to rub the surface of the protector in order to remove dust and debris. Once the screen is clean, use the cloth to remove any dust from the rest of the device. Know that the surface protector itself might be water resistant but that does not mean the device itself is tolerant of water. Avoid getting moisture near your cell phone.

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