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Common Questions From Shoppers About Paradigm Home Stereo Speakers

The speakers are the last part of the signal chain in any stereo system, making them very important. Paradigm makes a variety of high-quality stereo speakers with a great look, helping them fit into any home. For more information, check out the following information about Paradigm speakers being sold on eBay.

What kinds of speakers does Paradigm make?

Different speakers serve different purposes. To get a quality sound signal, choose speakers that will perform the function they are designed for. Here are a few of the speaker styles Paradigm makes along with their primary functions:

  • Sub - This speaker is responsible for the subsonic frequencies. It can either be purchased as a standalone speaker or as part of a larger speaker tower.
  • Woofer - The woofer projects the mid-range frequencies, the range where most of the music occurs.
  • Tweeter - The extreme high-end frequencies come through this speaker. High-quality tweeters are essential for sonic clarity.
  • Center - In a surround system, these speakers sit in the center of the signal as the focal point of the sound.
  • Bookshelf - These are smaller speakers in the Paradigm line meant to fit on shelves and blend into a room, not interrupting the aesthetic.
Do these speakers have built-in crossovers?

Yes. The speaker towers with tweeters, woofers, and subs all have built-in adjustable crossovers. Use this device to determine which part of the signal goes to what speaker. This functionality is essential for getting a clear sound and preventing speakers from blowing. It is mostly designed to ensure the subsonic frequencies don't bleed into the mid-range, which causes the signal to be muddy and over-driven.

Does Paradigm make speakers for home theaters?

Yes. Some models Paradigm manufactures are specifically designed to transmit home theater sound in the form of surround sound. This includes models like the Paradigm Cinema ADP line. Center speakers are also usually used in home theater systems. Shoppers looking for speakers for their home theater system don't have to use cinema speakers, but it will improve the quality of the surround sound in whatever room they are used.

Do they come in different looks?

Yes. Paradigm understands that, for some shoppers, the look of the speaker is just as important as the sound. The company offers most of its Paradigm speakers in a few different finishes including black, black ash, cherry, and gloss. The tower speakers come in the biggest variety of finishes.