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Finding the Right Paterson Darkroom Developing Tank or Drum

To protect your film for developing, you will need a developing tank or drum. You need to prevent it from being damaged by light until it completes development. A developing tank allows your photos to be developed in the daylight rather than using a darkroom. You just put the developing fluid in the drum and allow the agitation process to complete the process. Anyone looking for photography supplies will want to consider buying one of these to go with your camera. The drum or tank may come with various accessories and be part of a special system. You will want to compare options to ensure it works with the rest of your photography equipment, including the film you use.

What Types of Paterson Developing Drums or Tanks are Available?

Paterson has made several different options for the tank to fit various needs of the photographer for processing. You will want to choose the model based on your preferences.

  • Super System 4 - one-piece lid with a large diameter for easier loading.
  • Multi-Reel 5 - processes multiple film at one time, can hold up to five reels at once.
  • Universal - can hold up to two reels at once.
  • Multi-Reel 8 - holds up to eight reels of film at one time for processing.

What Accessories Come with a Paterson Developing Tank or Drum?

When you purchase a tank for your photography, you will want to consider what comes with it.

  • Reels - most tanks will include at least one reel while some will have more and others will not offer any with the system for the film.
  • Funnel - some of these systems like the Super System 4 may have a light tight funnel.
  • Lid - most systems include this component to prevent light from ruining the development of the film.
  • Agitator rod - part of the system which ensures accurate results when you load the film.
  • Instruction booklet - explains how to use and care for the tank.

What Features Should I Look For in a Developing Tank by Paterson?

When choosing a tank for your developing, you will want to consider certain features which help ensure your success when you view your images.

  • Auto-load reels - makes it easier to load the reels with film.
  • One-click tank - easier closing and tighter seal to prevent leakage as opposed to screw-top lids.
  • Force-film washer - connects to the tank directly to make washing easier and more efficient.
  • Plastic or metal reels - choose one that will accommodate the size film you use or can handle multiple sizes, such as 35mm, 120 and 220.
  • Film processing kit - if you're just starting out as a photographer, you can purchase the tank as part of an entire film developing kit, which makes it cheaper than buying the items separately.

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