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Pelco Home Security Cameras

Pelco is a global leader when it comes to video surveillance as it strives to offer innovative solutions through the production of home surveillance cameras. This company's devices have open architecture with built-in web servers that allow you to access them remotely.

How well do Pelco cameras capture images at night?

Pelco infrared surveillance devices have detector chips that are sensitized to detect near-infrared or visible radiation. They are capable of transmitting high-quality images directly to your monitor whether it is semidark or completely dark.

What are IP-ready surveillance cameras?

These are wireless safety cameras containing a web server application that allows the owner to access them remotely via a computer, smartphone or laptop. Bandwidth demands for this device depend on the amount of activity captured and require a proactive approach. The Pelco Comclosure IP camera system is a good example of IP-ready safety devices.

Where can the security devices be placed in the home?

Differently sized cameras can be placed anywhere they fit, such as on shelves, in ceiling corners, under roof eaves, and even in trees. Mounting safety devices simply requires a sturdy surface where you can attach the device.

What is an analog security camera?

Analog systems use wired configuration or a wired transmitter. Operating such a device requires you to run a wire between the monitor and the device, together with a coaxial cable used to send data. Analog systems cannot be accessed remotely or are distance-limited.

Can one home security camera work for all locations?

Every property is unique, and different homes require different styles of cameras, with different lenses. There is no device that perfectly fits all scenarios or is right for everyone. Pelco is one company that advises customers throughout the entire selection and set-up process.

Do you need varifocal or fixed lenses?

This usually depends on the owner's preference and location of the safety device. Some of the Pelco home safety devices have fixed lenses that capture sharp images but are not capable of adjusting how the safety device focuses. You can always point the camera in a different direction when your hand is on it, but what you see through it is what you get. Pelco home safety devices have lenses that allow for a wide range of adjustment, all carrying varifocal lenses that provide you with the ability to manually configure the focus and zoom on the device, thus helping you to get the view you seek.