Peruvian Collectibles

Peruvian Collectibles

Peru is a land rich in interesting handmade objects that appeal to collectors. You can buy Peruvian handicrafts as souvenirs, art pieces, investments or items for studying Inca culture. Traditional handicrafts are part of the peoples lives. Peruvian culture relies upon crafts such as weaving, embroidered textiles, carving, jewelry making, and silver work. They produce a wealth of collectible items.

What are the Types of Traditional Handicrafts from Peru?

  • Personal items of South American design include Peruvian jewelry, wool clothing, chullo hats, shoes, and accessories. Bead bracelets, sterling silver earrings and gemstone necklaces complement your alpaca wool ponchos for the look of Andean Peru. Peru is a major source of beautiful jewelry gemstones, including opal, rhodochrosite, amethyst, citrine, and ametrine. Buy them already mounted, or take them home as natural stones. 
  • Homewares includes floor and bed rugs, wall hangings, cushions, pottery (including small musical instruments), and sculpture. You can use them to complement minimalist contemporary decor.
  • Peruvian figurines, religious and ritual items are abundant. Many also considered them art forms. Both Christian and Indigenous religions are widely practiced in Peru. 
  • Peruvian art takes many forms, though painting is part of the Peruvian heritage too.

What are Some Cautions for Collectors of Peruvian Crafts?

  • Fakes, forgeries, and modifications, abound among Peruvian souvenirs and collectibles. If youre a serious investor, youll need to do your homework. The renowned Peruvian opal, both blue and pink jewelry forms, are an example. Due to raw stone supply shortages increasing, the market sees more and more dyed stones and imitations claiming to be blue opal. This is likely to affect pink opal in future too.
  • Avoid drug listings among Peruvian collectibles online. You will find extracts of plants and animals that indigenous folk use in Shamanic rituals. They range from wild tobacco to psychoactive substances, some of which are also toxic. Examples of plants are Mapacho Masato, a high-nicotine wild tobacco often used in shamanic rituals, and Achuma or Huachuma or Wachuma (plus other names) which is a psychoactive mescaline-containing extract from the San Pedro Cactus, echinopsis pachanoi. An example from animals is kambo, a toxin from the phyllomedusa bicolor frog.

Shopping for Collectibles in Peru

You are probably here because you dont or cant travel to collect Peruvian handicrafts. Online shopping for handicrafts and art will cast the widest net in the shortest time. However, if you do travel and are into upscale shopping districts with concentrated, high quality crafts and artisan items, try Cusco, or Miraflores in Lima. Otherwise, buy from local and indigenous people in small towns like Chinchero and country areas while you enjoy your cultural experience. If you want the real article even when shopping from eBay sellers, look for those names as places of origin.