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What to Know When Selecting a Philips TV Power Supply Board

Philips is a Dutch company that was founded in 1891 by Gerard and Frederik Philips, with headquarters in Amsterdam. The company is known for its lighting products and audiovisual equipment, as well as for medical and healthcare technology. The company manufactures a variety of TVs including LCD TV, HDR, Smart TVs, Google cast and 4K Ultra HD sets, and power supply boards that may be available for different models and years.

What are signs a power supply board could need repair?

Flat-screen LED or LCD TVs exhibit some signs in case of power supply failure. The power supply board distributes AC power throughout the television. The primary sign of problems is a complete lack of picture or sound. Other signs of failure and need for repair could include:

  • Shutting down: After working for a short time, the TV switches off on its own.
  • Flickering lights: Lights indicating whether television is off or on may flicker with no picture or sound.
  • Flashing picture: Picture may severely flash or flicker.
  • No video: Sound plays with no video images.
  • Obscured picture: Lines which may be thick and solid colored obscure the picture.
How can the proper replacement power supply board be selected?

Look for the model and serial numbers for your TV on the identification label affixed to the back of the case. You should note the model number, serial number, and if present, the model code. To ensure you are selecting the right part, removal of the televisions back cover is advised. Be sure the television is unplugged before removing the external housing.

Is there a universal power supply replacement for Philips TVs?

The brand has manufactured many models and sizes of flat screen TV, including LED, HDTV, ultra-HDTV, and others. Some aftermarket parts may be available for repairs of various televisions, but universal boards are not available for Philips sets. Boards for should be marked \"Philips\" and identified with a barcode and part identification badge adhered to the board.

Can you use a refurbished power supply board for Philips?

Boards which have been refurbished will include new parts including capacitors, connectors, and fuses. The process involves recovering a power supply, which is a circuit board that fits into the TV chassis and connects to AC power through a power cord or adapter. The board then distributes the power throughout the other parts of the television within specific tolerances and limits. Refurbished boards will work on the brands television as long as they have been tested for proper functioning and have the appropriate specifications and parts numbers.

Are there repair kits for Philips power supply boards?

A variety of repair kits are available for power supply circuit boards in the brands televisions. The kits are designed to provide the parts, supplies, and instructions necessary to replace faulty components. They may include:

  • Capacitors to be used to replace broken or stressed components
  • Soldering pen and solder
  • Diodes and similar electronic parts
  • Access to instructions online or a printed instruction leaflet
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