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Choosing Everyday and Special Occasion Plastic Drinking Glasses

Instead of using glassware that could potentially shatter, plastic drinking glasses are a break-resistant alternative. As this type of drinkware is available in various sizes and colors as well as clear, you can find glasses to suit any occasion. Select from tumblers, cups, and other drinking glasses to serve cocktails, wine, soft drinks, or water.

What Are Some Important Considerations When Purchasing Plastic Drinking Glasses?

You may prefer a BPA-free choice, such as plastic glasses made from styrene-acrylonitrile resin (SAN). The plastic is durable and stands up to heat, which makes them dishwasher safe. You can find them in clear and bolder colors, such as red and orange. Likewise, polycarbonate drinking glasses are equally durable but are made using BPA, which seeps out when serving hot beverages. For that reason, people normally use plastic drinkware for cold drinks. Additionally, you have the option of acrylic glasses, which are made from varying levels of acrylic acid. The plastic lets in 92 percent of light so the contents have a more inviting look, compared to glassware that gives liquids a milky appearance.

What Types Plastic Beverage Glasses Are Available?

  • Tumblers: Taller drinkware, such as 20 oz tumblers, hold more liquid than other plastic drinking glasses. When you're entertaining guests at parties or catered events, their glasses will require fewer refills. Plastic tumblers come in clear and assorted colors and may have lids for taking beverages on the go.
  • Juice Glasses:These types of plastic glasses are the right size to hold orange, cranberry, and other kinds of juices. You can also use them to serve water and mixed drinks, such as highballs. When celebrating an anniversary, tuck two in a suitcase when you pop open a champagne bottle.
  • Shot Glasses: Use these small cups alongside other barware when hosting a party. Many have a high-gloss finish so they look attractive on a serving table.

What Are Some Notable Benefits of Plastic Drinking Glasses?

  • Save Space: To conserve space, tumblers and other plastic drinking glasses stack inside each other.
  • Versatile: Shatterproof and lead-free glasses are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. After a party, you can throw the glasses away or collect them for recycling.
  • Decoration:Write on them with a magic marker or decorate them with glitter. Hand-paint a personal message on the outside of the drinking glasses when planning a wedding reception or other celebratory occasion.
  • Design:For ease of transport, some have easy-to-hold handles, which also make it easy to drink hot tea or coffee.
  • Gifts:When recognizing a friend or family member for accomplishing a goal, give wine drinkware packaged in a pretty presentation box.