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The Polk Subwoofer and a Dynamic Look

Dynamic power is a great description for a Polk subwoofer; discover this for yourself by choosing an affordable new or pre-owned one from eBay. These speakers are housed in a patented box design that stays elevated from ground level. The square container provides the unique, smooth tone.

What are voice coils?

Getting as much power as you can requires that you generate a strong magnetic force with coils. That force is generated with a special magnet constructed into the Polk subwoofer that brings the voice coils into greater focus. The power that these wires or coils gain is kicked back as a powerful signal sent as bass and power. The coils are constructed with a copper chemistry and appear as thousands upon thousands of strands made into a magnetic cluster. The force from this cluster gets built through the conductivity of voice coils and then released to the final output.

How is the performance of a Polk sub measured?

Performance is the result of dynamic features. The size of subwoofer dictates which low frequencies it can pick up. The larger the sub cone is, the more that lower tones can be projected with accuracy. Your enclosure will also play a role in the performance of sound. These Polk cabinets vary in size, material, and with the placement of the cone. The low- and high-frequency responses of the subwoofer provide you with an understanding of how it deals with low or high pitches.

The root mean square (RMS) is a rating on the sub_x001A_s ability for continuous power. They rate the electrical frequency of a sub with watts, but how much it can actually sustain as an ongoing activity is measured in RMS. Consider measuring the sub_x001A_s connectivity also. This is how well a sub works with the audio equipment you already have.

What does an enclosure help with?

A cabinet protects your speaker and can help the way that sound is projected. You use this enclosure to store the electrical components of a sub and for a clean look. The Polk box will sustain, enclose, and house these for peak performance:

  • Watts: Electrical signals are generated as watts when working within a subwoofer. This is the equivalent of one joule of electricity per second as a controlled process.
  • Hertz: The audible frequency that we actually hear is heard in levels of hertz, and the engineering inside of the cabinet reverberates this frequency to measure the performance specs of the sub.
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