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Power Plate Vibration Platform Machines

If you're not big on exercising but want to improve the appearance of your body, then you may want to try to achieve your fitness goals by simply standing on a machine. Power Plate Vibration Platform machines can potentially help you reach your fitness goals and improve your strength without the sweat and effort that goes into a tedious workout.

How does a vibration platform work?

A vibration platform constantly moves while you stand on top of it. This constant movement allows you to use the natural reflexes of your muscles. As the plate vibrates, your body’s muscles naturally adapt to the movement to help you maintain your balance. Your muscles are working involuntarily the entire time you spend standing on a power plate. Your muscles are getting exercise with minimal effort, which results in increased strength and muscle tone while limiting the potential of getting injured.

What is a Power Plate machine?

The Power Plate machine produces vibration platforms for personal use. The different models include the following:

  • Personal Vibrating Platforms: This model is a basic vibrating platform that is used at home and requires very little power.
  • My3, My5, and My7 models: These models are also for personal use. They have handlebars attached to the vibration machines to allow for safer squats, lunges, and other movements while in use. The handlebars make relocating the machine easier to manage. Each model offers different frequency settings. For example, the My5 model is mostly vertical, Tri-planar, and goes 35 times per second. It holds up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • Power Plate Pro models: The different versions of the commercial Power Plate Pro models are larger and require more power than the personal models. They are meant for use in fitness centers and rehabilitation facilities. An example is the Power Plate Pro5 vibration trainer.

What is a Power Plate workout?

You do not have to put in extra effort to lose weight with these machines. You can use the Power Plate to enhance your exercises. There are plenty of fitness videos and images that provide instructions on how you can get the most out of your Power Plate workout.

A Power Plate workout allows you to use the vibration plate to intensify many common workouts and exercises. You can do planks, push-ups, lunges, squats, and many other exercises with the Power Plate machine. While the plate vibrates, your muscles get an extra boost by stabilizing your body.

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