Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners Can Perform a Variety of Household Jobs

Pressure washers can help clean a variety of surfaces. You can even add an accessory to complete other household jobs. Your cleaning jobs can be completed in a shorter amount of time with these surface cleaners available on eBay.

How should a pressure washer be used?

Pressure washers use a high-pressure spray to clean surfaces. The spray is produced by a specially designed pump. This spray is almost a hundred times more powerful than a household garden hose. A pressure washer can remove mold, oil, dirt, and gum from a concrete driveway. This machine can also give a new look to a wooden deck. The power washer can thoroughly clean the wood before you apply a new stain. They can be used to wash a car or clean a driveway. Vinyl and aluminum siding can receive a thorough cleaning to remove mildew, dirt, and pollen from their surfaces.

Why are there different nozzles?

These nozzles have different PSIs to perform a variety of jobs. You will want to match the correct attachment nozzle for your project. These attachments include:

  • 0§ Red: This nozzle produces a narrow stream of water. It is used for difficult to remove stains and dirt.
  • 15§ Yellow: This nozzle uses a small angle for more focused cleaning. It is used for hard to remove dirt and stains.
  • 25§ Green: This attachment uses a medium angle of water for softer and sensitive surfaces.
  • 40§ White: This nozzle is the largest angled spray. It is mainly used for quickly rinsing and cleaning a surface.
  • 65§ Black: This nozzle is mainly used for soap and liquid detergents. It can be used in conjunction with a cleaning fluid. This is the only attachment that is designed for use with a cleaning solution.
How much PSI does a pressure washer produce?

The typical surface cleaner produces between 40 to 45 PSI. Your pressure washer should not exceed 60 PSI. These machines will have a pressure regulator. A normal pressure washer will have the regulator set to 50 PSI. You can adjust that level to anywhere from 25 to 75 PSI on your surface cleaner.