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Queen Size Headboards

Adding a headboard to your queen sized bed is the perfect way to make your bedroom look stylish and put together. In addition to being a nice design element, headboards can also make a bed more functional and comfortable. All of the different designs and headboard types available on the market will help you to find the right fit for your bed.

What size headboard do you need for a queen bed?

The height of a headboard can vary greatly, but a headboard will need to be a specific width to fit queen bed sizes. Queen headboards need to be at least 60 inches wide to match the width of the mattress. However, it can look nice to have a headboard slightly larger than your mattress, so most standard queen headboard sizes are between 61 and 68 inches wide.

How do you install a headboard on your bed?

There are many different types of headboards, so you will need to find one that matches your bed.

  • Floating Headboard - This type of headboard features a panel that floats above the bed. It does not attach to the frame. Instead, you install it by mounting it on the wall.
  • Standalone Headboard - These queen headboards will have legs that attach to your bed frame. You typically just fix them to the rest of the bed frame by securing bolts that connect the legs of the bed frame to the legs of the headboard.
  • Attached Queen Headboard - Some headboards are actually a part of the frame that holds your bed. With this design, the queen headboard will automatically attach once you put the frame together.
What are the different queen headboard styles?

There are a lot of different furniture types available when you are ready to decorate your bedroom.

  • Upholstered headboard - Padded upholstered headboards help to cushion the bed while looking stylish. The fabric for upholstered headboards is often tufted or embellished with metal nailheads or buttons.
  • Metal headboard- Metal is a traditional queen headboard material. It comes in many finish options, such as black, white, or metallic. The metal may be curved into intricate scrolls, or it might just be straight bars.
  • Wood headboard - Classic wooden queen headboards come in many styles, like slats, farmhouse, rustic, or carved.
  • Sleigh headboard - These queen headboards have a curved along the top edge, and they normally feature intricate decoration. Normally sleigh furniture comes with a matching footboard.
  • Minimalist headboard - If you like the minimalist furniture look, you may just want a single sleek panel of wood or upholstered fabric.
  • Storage headboard - For a more functional piece of furniture, decorate your queen bed with a queen headboard in the shape of a bookcase or shelf.