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Quilting Fabric

Quilting has been a passion for many people since cotton was made into fabric. There are many quilting patterns out there, making it easy to get started. Working with quilting fabric is fun because of the many creative prints and bright colors available.

How do you choose quilting fabrics?

There are many different ways to choose fabrics for a quilt.

  • Use the color wheel: Select cotton fabrics by their corresponding complementary, analogous, or triadic colors.
  • Consider a two-color pairing scheme: Use a favorite color to accent a white fabric.
  • Consider a focus fabric: Pick your favorite cotton fabric and find other similar fabrics that match your favorite cotton quilting fabrics pattern.
  • Mix it up: Many quilts are made from fabrics on hand by using small pieces of many different cotton fabrics.
What are some common cotton quilting fabric terms?

Often, cotton quilting fabric is grouped together in quilting collections that may contain white cotton fabric. These quilting collections make it easier to make your favorite patterns. Using these quilting collections helps you know that all the pieces go together in a quilt. These quilting fabrics are cut to different sizes, so you need to know the quilting terms.

  • Fat quarters: Fabrics measuring 18 inches high by 22 inches wide
  • Fat eighths: Fabrics measuring 9 inches high by 22 inches wide
  • Charm packs: 5-inch square fabric pieces from the same collection
  • Mini-charm packs: 2.5-inch square fabric pieces from the same collection
  • Layer cakes: 10-inch square fabric pieces from the same collection
  • Jelly rolls: 40 strips of fabric each measuring 2.5 inches by 4 inches
What are some common quilt fabric patterns?

Using cotton fabric in these is a good place for beginners to start because cotton fabrics will not slide when sewing the cotton pieces together. Some instructions include:

  • Nine patch quilts: Tiny squares of cotton fabric are joined together to form larger fabric blocks.
  • Log cabin quilts: Fabric strips are joined together to make shapes resembling log cabins.
  • Flying geese quilts: Fabric cut into cotton shapes are joined together to look like flying geese on these quilts.
  • Patchwork quilts: Random fabrics are joined together in small squares.
  • Star quilts: Triangle pieces of fabrics are joined together to form stars with white backgrounds.
What are common quilt sizes?

There are no absolutes when making a quilt at home. Generally, quilts follow these measurements:

  • Preemies: 18 by 24 inches
  • Newborn: 25 by 30 inches
  • Crib: 50 by 53 inches
  • Toddler: 35 by 45 inches
  • Child: 40 by 60 inches
  • Twin: 68 by 88 inches
  • Full: 81 by 88 inches
  • Queen: 88 by 96 inches
  • King: 107 by 108 inches