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Get Every Detail With the Rokinon 14mm for Canon Cameras

If you have been playing around with photography for awhile, you know that sharpness and image integrity are key, and you may also know that editing out distortion can take hours and possibly ruin the original concept that you had when you took the shot. A sharp lens with little to no distortion means details are captured, and you spend less time at the computer correcting problems. If you want sharp, clear images from your wide angle shots, eBay has a large selection of Rokinon 14mm lenses.

What types of images can you take with the Rokinon 14mm?

The Rokinon 14mm lens is in the ultra-wide angle category. Uses for the lens may include landscapes, city scenes, group photos, and other situations where you need to fit a large space into the picture. For comparison, the human eye has a focal distance of 50mm, so you can imagine a shot with the Rokinon 14mm lens as including a portion of your peripheral vision with sharpness, clarity, and color.

What are the features of the Rokinon 14mm for Canon DSLR cameras?

The Rokinon 14mm f2.8 ultra-wide angle lens makes taking photos fun and easy. Some of the main features of the Rokinon 14mm are described here:

  • Chip: The lens is designed with a chip that allows it to interact with the automated features of your Canon camera, such as metering, focus, white balance, and more.
  • Compatibility: The Rokinon 14mm ultra wide angle lens is designed for full frame cameras, but it can also be used with APS-C Canon cameras.
  • Minimum focus distance: Get up close and personal with your Rokinon lens thanks to its minimum focusing distance of just less than one foot.
  • Lens hood: No need to buy a lens hood. The Rokinon 14mm ultra wide angle lens has a built-in petal lens hood.
Does the Rokinon 14mm lens work with your camera?

The Rokinon 14mm lens is specifically designed for use with full frame and 35mm cameras, but it will also fit APS-C Canon cameras. Because APS-C cameras have smaller sensors, the field of view is slightly less compared to using the lens with a full frame or 35mm camera. The field of view with the APS-C sensor is 90 degrees, and the field of view is 155 degrees with a full frame camera. See manufacturer's site for details.

If you use the lens with an APS-C camera, take into consideration the reduced field of view and adjust your framing to preserve critical details of the scene.