Rag Handcrafted Quilts

A beautiful handmade rag quilt can lend a homespun touch to a bedroom or be a great throw blanket to snuggle under on the living room couch. Fraying edges and a one-of-a-kind design make for lovely and unique pieces. Available as full-sized or baby quilts, these handmade creations are a great idea for a gift or just right in your own home.

What sizes do rag quilts come in?

Handmade rag quilts are available to fit any bed, from a baby's crib to a king-size adult bed. Since each item is unique, size runs are usually not available. However, a wide variety of sizes are relatively easy to find as rag quilts often range from very small to quite large.

What are common color schemes and patterns for rag quilts?

These handmade pieces can come in any color of the rainbow, but most often they consist of muted, rustic-looking shades. While some quilts are made with rag blocks of similar colors, others use several very different colors for contrast. Printed fabric can be used either as a theme over the whole blanket or in smaller amounts as a fun accent.

What are common materials and techniques used for handmade quilts?

Most rag quilts are made from flannel or cotton fabric blocks or strips that are cut to size with scissors. Typically using a quilting sewing machine, fabric pieces are sewn together to form the top layer. Cotton batting is used for a warm inner layer, and the backing layer of most pieces is made of cotton, flannel, or fleece fabric. A decorative quilting stitch can be used on the front or back of the piece for visual interest and stability. The edges of the fabric blocks or strips are often raw and frayed to enhance the rustic look of the quilt.

What are some special features for baby rag quilts?

A baby rag quilt is usually made from bright colors and is an ideal size for a crib or toddler bed. Soft cotton, flannel, minky, or fleece fabric is often used and makes a warm and comfortable blanket for a baby or small child. Sewing a handmade baby rag quilt could make a great baby shower or birthday gift and can be a wonderful keepsake for many years to come.

How do you select handmade quilts for rooms?

Handmade rag-style blankets often fit well in rooms with a primitive or countryside feel. Cabins, farmhouses, and cottages are just a few of the home designs that could be enhanced by a handmade quilt. Since these pieces are often constructed of warm material like flannel, they may be more practical in colder climates.