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Crisp Mix With Rane Mixers

Take your DJ skills to the next level with Rane DJ Mixers found among these eBay listings. Excellent for any setting such as clubs or outdoor events, these mixers are compatible with a number of different accessories that will make for a full and complete DJ experience. Find a wide selection of options on eBay.

What are mixers used for?

The systems are used for controlling the audio and how to make everything sound cohesive. When paired with different speakers and playing certain tracks, it is up to the DJ to use the mixer to make sure the audio is appropriate for the setting. The DJ uses it to mix or adjust the sounds depending on the music played and the type of room it is being played in.

What are Rane DJ Mixers compatible with?

Rane systems are compatible with a number of different hardwares that are commonly used in the entertainment industry. Along with a mixer, DJs need other equipment such as:

  • Turntables
  • Filters
  • Faders

With hardware such as the ones listed, DJs can augment the music listening experience with different effects. Different effects from various pieces of hardware will be utilized differently depending on the song played as well as the setting it's being played in.

What are the roles of the other equipment involved?

Filters, in particular, will add a level of ambiance to the music that isn't found in the original recording. These can add a layer of noise that can either "muffle" the music or bring out aspects of the recording that aren't normally heard. For example, filters can add a washy effect over the audio to make it sound as though it was being played underwater. That is what they are commonly known for.

Faders are used to adjust the volume of the music, as well as other components such as treble and bass. In a DJ setting, faders are used almost like an instrument. They'll turn them up and down at different times to add different dynamics to the song they're playing or remixing.

Can you use software with a mixer?

When plugged into the right DAW (Digital Audio Workspace), yes. A digital interface can make navigating through a playlist that much easier. At that point, a mixer can be used as a controller to navigate through the song or the DAW itself. Interfaces such as Serato DJ are excellent for pairing with the Rane system.

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