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Rayovac Single-Use Batteries

Rayovac has been making batteries since 1906. A Rayovac single-use battery offers a way to power your devices designed to be battery-operated.

What is a single-use battery?

“Single use” means that the battery is not rechargeable. This is the type of battery that you install into a device, use until it is drained, and then replace. This type can be recycled but not recharged. All Rayovac single-use styles are available in sizes from AAA to D and 9-volt.

What is a zinc-carbon battery?

A zinc-carbon battery is a type that runs on the reaction of zinc and manganese dioxide and uses a carbon rod. It offers low energy density, but it is dependable. Rayovac makes zinc-carbon batteries that are able to power mechanisms that do not produce a heavy drain. This includes radios, clocks, and remote controls.

What is an alkaline battery?

The alkaline type also uses manganese dioxide and zinc to produce its charge. It has high density. The alkaline battery maintains a steady voltage as it is being used. Rayovac offers different grades of this type to meet different demands.

What is the difference between Rayovac’s alkaline batteries?
  • High energy: Rayovac offers high-capacity alkaline batteries for common devices that you use often. This includes things like flashlights, toys, and remote-controlled cars. This type of Rayovac battery features Smart Seal and Power Ring technology. These technologies make more room in the battery for active ingredients and help give the batteries stable, steady output. You can generally expect this type to hold its charge when stored for 10 years.
  • Advanced: Rayovac’s advanced batteries are intended for the devices you use that have the highest power requirements. This includes drones, wireless headsets, and game controllers. The advanced batteries are made to produce efficient chemical reactions that yield more strength. They have features that increase the potency of the battery and help to give it consistent output. You can generally expect them to hold their charge when stored for up to 12 years.
How can you maximize the performance of Rayovac batteries?

There are some dos and donts that can help you get the most out of Rayovac and other batteries, as listed below:

  • Never mix zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries in the same apparatus. The zinc-carbon will drain first, and the alkaline will try to discharge through them. This can lead to corrosion that could damage the apparatus.
  • Never put new batteries in with old. The lowest powered battery in the mix will determine how much energy is available to the device.
  • Never leave batteries in an apparatus when you are going to store it for a long period of time. This can cause them to corrode.

Batteries work most efficiently at room temperature. If your device has been at temperatures below freezing, such as a flashlight in your car, it may need to warm up to get optimal strength. Likewise, batteries that are in hot environments may end up having shorter lives.

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