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Red Kap Men's Coats and Jackets

Red Kap offers a variety of different jackets with varying logos and functions, with some products featuring water-resistant materials. Jackets feature a range of text, including words representing the healthcare, food processing, construction, and automotive industries. The jackets offered usually have long sleeves, with some featuring logos and brands.

Does Red Kap offer waterproof jackets?

Red Kap does not classify their jackets as completely waterproof; however, some of the materials that make up various Red Kap jackets, such as the soft-shell items, are water-resistant. The stitched polyester lining of some products is designed to prevent water from penetrating jackets. This feature is present in several products, including the Red Cap Men’s Work Jacket.

Are there recommended cleaning procedures?

It is recommended for most Red Kap coats to wash them through either an industrial washer or an at-home washing machine on a light soil cycle. The jackets can withstand heavy washes as well. However, some jackets, such as the Heavyweight Parka, should only be washed gently in an at-home washing machine. For each jacket, washing instructions are included with the product on a tag.

What are the jacket sizing options?

The sizing of Red Kap jackets and outerwear uniforms takes into consideration the size of the wearer’s chest, assigning a measurement in inches to the corresponding alpha size. Torso size over the widest part of the chest is used to determine different sizes. If the wearer’s waist is wider than your chest, you can use the waist size to determine your jacket size. Red Kap also takes into consideration a wearer’s overall height, assigning height ranges to short, regular, long, and extra long jacket sizes.

What are the features of the Slash Pocket Jacket?

This Red Kap work jacket incorporates several different pockets and materials in its design. Some of the different design considerations of this specific jacket are listed below:

  • Shell: The outer shell of this work jacket is made of polyester and cotton.
  • Lining: The Slash Pocket Jacket incorporates an insulated polyester material lined under the shell.
  • Pockets: This coat has two slash pockets on the lower coat and a utility pocket on the sleeve itself.
  • Flexibility: The coat features a waist adjustment with two buttons on either side of the waist.
  • Color: These Red Kap work coats come in various colors, including black, navy, green, brown, and grey.