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Reebok Allen Iverson Men's Shoes Large

About Reebok Allen Iverson Shoes

NBA legend Allen Iverson sported his first and most iconic Reebok Question athletic shoe while still a rookie. Over twenty years on and well into his retirement, Iverson continues his Reebok line with the release of the 2018 Legacy.
With an official run of 15 signature models and counting, where does a sneakerhead start? For those who want to start with the basics, the original Question debuted in 1996 and was released in multiple colorways. Or kick it old school with the understated good looks of the signature Answer 3. And then there’s the Reebok Answer IV for those looking to put a little zip(per) in their kicks. Question, Answer or Legacy, there are no fouls for style in the AI Reebok playbook.
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