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Reebok Club C Sneakers for Men Offer Vintage Style

White Reebok Club Sneakers for Men

In 1985, Reebok introduced the Club C, a casual sneaker that was as perfect for athletic wear as it was for everyday use. The shoe became almost immediately popular, and it's still just as sought after today. Although the sneakers have seen many collaborations over the years, they always retain their retro style, comfort, and functionality.

How has the Reebok Club C
sneaker changed over the years?

Although these 85 vintage men's shoes were released some time ago, the low-top tennis shoes haven’t seen too many changes over the years. This is mostly because the original 1985 Club C design did everything the sneaker was designed to do—offered style and comfort for athletic activities or daily wear. The materials of the Club C have been updated slightly, however. A terry lining has been added to the shoe, and the soles of the shoe have been upgraded to last longer.

Black Reebok Club C Sneakers for Men

What features make the Reebok Club C sneakers comfortable?

Reebok Club C sneakers truly shine as casual everyday sneakers. An EVA midsole offers a good amount of cushioning. The midsole also helps to keep the shoes light, and it retains their slim profile. The soft suede uppers of the shoe are relatively breathable, offering good airflow and enough ventilation to stay comfortable.

Inside, the shoe features a soft lining in the form of a cushioned, molded sock liner and a well-padded collar. These features help to reduce rubbing and can prevent blisters from forming, even when the sneakers are worn without socks.

Black and Gold Reebok Club C Sneakers for Men

Are Reebok Club C sneakers for men
good for athletics?

These Reebok classics were designed to be great tennis shoes, but they can also be used for a number of athletic activities. The low-top design allows for plenty of maneuverability, and the suede uppers are soft but durable. This material also helps to keep the shoes flexible but resists creasing.

These tennis athletic sneakers also feature a durable abrasion-resistant rubber sole. This helps to provide support and durability, and the treads of the sole offer a good amount of traction over a variety of surfaces.

Reebok Club C Sneakers

What colors are Reebok Club C sneakers for men available in?

Over the years, Reebok Club C sneakers have been released in a variety of colors and patterns, and different collaborations with celebrities and designers have led to numerous style changes. This means that finding a pair of Reebok Club C sneakers that suits your tastes is rarely an issue.

Classic Reebok Club C sneakers can be purchased in bold, solid colors such as black, white, red, or green. Other popular colorways include Hot Ones, which is an off-white shoe with bright green highlights, in tribute to hot wings, or Tom and Jerry, which features a fuzzy orange lining, purple laces, and a black and white accent. Tom and Jerry graphics at the heels add to the overall style of the sneaker.

Reebok Club C sneakers are also available in “color pack” colorways. These low-key, stylish shoes are solid white with red, yellow, green, or blue accents around the sole and ankle of the sneaker.

Reebok Club C sneakers are all low-top shoes, and they use laces for a snug, secure fit. A woven label at the tongue of the shoe adds a touch of style.

White Reebok Club C Sneakers for Men

Reebok Club C 85 vs. Reebok Answer IV

Reebok Club C 85 Reebok Answer IV
Fit True to size True to size
Generations 1 5
Closures Laces Zipper
Available Colors 3 11

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