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Reebok ZigTech Men's Shoes Large

About Reebok ZigTech Shoes

The Reebok ZigTech was introduced in 2010 and since it hit the streets, it's been a staple for athletes looking for that extra something to push themselves even further. The shoe's signature zigzag foam sole is designed to disperse power from the heel and push the wearer forward. It's not only eye-catching, but also features a slew of tech packed in the distinct sole. As a bonus, there's extra shock absorption, putting less strain on the shins and legs which adds an extra push to every stride. Reebok has integrated the sole onto a variety of styles designed to push every kind of athlete. With the introduction of variants such as the ZigShark — designed to resemble shark teeth — and ZigNano, runners, lifters and more can get a piece of these high-tech kicks.
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