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Ricoh GR Digital Cameras

Ricoh GR digital cameras provide photo and video enthusiasts with the ability to take both still images and video with high-resolution image quality. These point-and-shoot cameras, which come in several different models, have a wide range of features and prices. Many of the cameras also have viewfinders so that users can better see the subjects they are shooting.

What models are available for sale?

The company's GR line of cameras includes the following:

  • GR: These cameras have a 16.2-megapixel sensor and a 3-inch viewfinder.
  • GR Limited Edition: These cameras come with a bag and 54 MB of storage. They can also shoot video at 1080p.
  • GR II: These cameras have a built-in flash and microphone and have a 4x optical and digital zoom.
  • GR III: These cameras have 88 MB of built-in memory and are capable of reducing the "red-eye" effect.
  • GR IV: These cameras have a lens with an f1.9 aperture, enabling users to take landscape pictures.

Whether it is a Ricoh GR III used camera or a brand-new GR Limited Edition, you will not go wrong with the purchase of this camera.

Can these cameras shoot subjects at high speed?

Yes, these cameras have a high-speed auto-focusing system that can place a subject in focus in roughly 0.2 seconds. There is only a one-second startup time, and afterward, users can capture as many as four images per second. They can further capture as many as ten continuous images in a single sequence.

What is the range of shutter speeds for these cameras?

The maximum speed of these cameras is 1/4000 of a second, and the minimum speed is 300 seconds. This is the amount of time the camera's shutter is open. A very fast speed is meant for capturing fast-moving objects, such as the flapping of a bird's wings, while a very slow speed is meant for capturing night scenes. A typical speed is 1/60 of a second, and a tripod is recommended for anything longer than that.

Do these cameras come with Wi-Fi and NFC functionality?

Yes, these cameras come with both Wi-Fi and NFC functionality. With Wi-Fi connectivity, these cameras can connect to an open Wi-Fi location and transfer images to the Internet. With NFC connectivity, these cameras can be paired with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Can these cameras create the bokeh effect?

Yes, with these cameras, you can create the bokeh effect, where the background of a subject in focus becomes blurred. These cameras have a lens with a 9-blade iris diaphragm, which creates a natural-looking depth effect. This effect can be manually adjusted to create a slew of different effects.

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