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How to Choose 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

You can enhance your existing car stereo system with a 4-channel car amplifier. These systems by Rockford Fosgate offer a variety of features that help to boost your bass when you're driving, making your commute just a little more enjoyable.

What Are the Basics of a 4-Channel Amplifier?

There are many terms associated with amplifiers and car stereo systems, and you may not be familiar with the difference between watts, RMS, or bridges, so there are some essentials you need to know before you start shopping for an amp for your car.

  • The number of channels signifies how many components you can connect to your amplifier, so for instance, when you select a 4-channel amplifier, you can hook up four different components, such as subwoofers or other types of speakers like component speakers. When you only want to plug in fewer components, you can use bridged adapters to go from a four to a two-channel amp when you need to.
  • The power of the amp is measured in watts, so the higher the number, the more powerful the Rockford Fosgate amp is. For instance, there are 100, 250, and even 400-watt options.
  • RMS is a measurement of continuous output power. You may see a device with the RMS power of 40 watts, which means that this number is how much power the speaker can output while still sounding good.

What Are Some Features of an Amplifier?

Purchasing an amp requires that you take a look at some of the features before you make a decision. These models come packed with benefits, so make sure that you get the right one for your needs.

  • You can change modes and bridge the designs to create a high-powered two-channel option or create a customized setup for yourself.
  • Protection from short circuiting keeps your components safe from a power overload.
  • An equalizer, called the Punch EQ feature, lets you customize your high and low frequencies to create just the right amount of bass and treble in your tunes.

How Do You Select the Right Amplifier?

Now that you know more about them, it shouldn't be difficult to pick the right amp for your car, and you'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your existing setup.

  • Decide how many watts you want and how much power you need. This could depend on several factors including how large your car is, how often you'll use the system, and what your budget is.
  • Next, choose your size. The brand makes compact amplifiers along with larger, full-sized options to fit every need and every model of car for your convenience. You can even use the smaller versions in a motorcycle or a compact car.
  • You can also purchase an installation kit when you need one because you may not have the components and wires on hand that are needed to install your system.