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Guide to Picking the Right Rockford Fosgate Mono Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

With the right mono channel amplifier at your disposal, you can give your subwoofer the power to belt out a capella music on your way to work or to produce deep techno beats while you cruise with your friends. Rockford Fosgate offers many different models of amplifiers, and each type is manufactured with the explicit purpose in mind of producing audio that will sweep you off your feet.

How many mono amp models does Rockford Fosgate produce?

Rockford Fosgate produces various models that are designed to be compatible with different subwoofers. A few of the varieties offered include:

  • Power series: This high-end collection from this company can handle the highest number of watts. Devices in the Power series can process up to 2,500 watts, and they use four AWG speaker wire. They also have RCA pass-through outputs.
  • Punch series: The Punch series is the midrange option from Rockford Fosgate. The mono devices in this series can handle up to 1,000 watts, and they come with remote controls. They are muted when they turn on, which removes any potential for screeching feedback.
  • Prime series: Models in the Prime series represent the entry-level offerings from Rockford Fosgate. They can process up to 800 watts and most options in this series feature RCA pass-throughs.
How do you choose from among these models?

In general, these different models are designed to be directly compatible with Rockford Fosgate subwoofers of the same name. For instance, Power series amps are designed to work with Power series woofers. However, its definitely possible to use these devices with other woofers if you simply observe the wattage rating of the amplifier.

If your woofer takes up 1,000 peak watts, a 1,000-watt Power series amp is a good choice. However, if your woofer only takes up 500 watts, the same amp would be overkill. Conversely, you dont want to use an amplifier that is rated under the peak wattage rating of your woofer.

How do you install a Rockford Fosgate mono amp?
  • Step 1: Disconnect the battery before working on anything associated with your vehicles electrical system.
  • Step 2: Connect your amp to your subwoofers with speaker wire.
  • Step 3: Run speaker wire from the amp to the car stereo. Connect the wire to correct positive and negative terminals on the audio device.
  • Step 4: Reconnect the vehicles battery. Turn on the stereo, and then turn on the amplifier. Manipulate the controls on the amp until youve achieved audio levels that are to your liking.
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