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Rollerblade Inline Skates

Rollerblading is a fun activity for people of all ages. Inline skating is easy to learn and can be a great form of exercise, recreation, and transportation. Rollerblade makes a wide variety of inline skates to suit all sizes and skill levels.

What types of skates does Rollerblade make?

Rollerblade makes skates for men, women, and children for many different uses and skill levels.

  • Performance: These Rollerblade inline skates are designed for the serious inline skater, whether for fitness or for competition. These skates have larger wheels and a lightweight build. These can be used for marathon or speed skating on a variety of surfaces. These skates have either a low-top or high-top boot for comfort and maneuverability.
  • Recreation: For the more casual skater, recreational Rollerblade inline skates are the way to go. These skates are designed for use on paved paths or at the skating rink. They are durable and flexible.
  • Street: For skaters wanting to do stunts and tricks, you will want to buy Rollerblade street skates. These skates have a groove between the second and third wheels for grinding. These skates are also made for use on ramps and are better at absorbing shock from jumps.
  • Kids: Rollerblade makes recreational inline skates for kids who are just getting started in the sport. These often come in cute designs and are adjustable for fast-growing feet.
What else do you need to start Rollerblading?

In addition to a pair of Rollerblade inline skates, you will need safety gear. No matter where you skate or how experienced you are, it is always important to wear a helmet and pads to protect yourself. Rollerblade makes safety gear to keep you safe while you skate.

  • Helmets: Rollerblade makes helmets for performance and recreation. They also make trendy street helmets for kids and adults.
  • Pads: Rollerblade offers a variety of knee, elbow, and wrist pads in a range of sizes.
How do you care for Rollerblade inline skates?

Once you have purchased a pair of Rollerblade skates, you will want to keep them in peak condition. Here are a few care and maintenance tips:

  • Whole skate: Inspect all parts of your skates regularly for any wear. For kids' skates, frequently check to make sure they are still the right size.
  • Wheels: You will want to frequently remove and inspect your wheels, as they are what comes into contact with the ground. This also means they will be exposed to the most wear and tear. To extend to the life of your wheels, rotate them frequently.
  • Bearings: Whenever you remove the wheels, clean out the bearings and check for any dirt. Clean bearings will ensure smoothly rolling wheels.