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SIG SAUER Leather Gun Holsters

Whether you've owned firearms for a long time or you just purchased your first, if you intend to carry a pistol it's important to get a proper gun holster. Although SIG SAUER pistols, for instance, are the sidearm trusted by the Navy SEALS, even adequate equipment can be rendered useless if it's not correctly secured and accessible when you need it. There are a variety of gun holsters to choose from that can fit many different SIG SAUER pistols and have a wide variety of features.

What are the different types of gun holsters?

There are three different types of gun holsters, including:

  • Inside Waistband (IWB): Inside-the-waistband gun holsters allow the user to place the entirety of their gun under their clothing, concealing it. If you intend to conceal your gun, make sure you have a concealed carry license issued by your state or know that the state you are in accepts concealed carry permits from the state in which yours was issued.
  • Belt Holster: Leather OWB gun holsters retain your SIG SAUER by having loops that you feed your belt through. The loops keep the gun holster fastened to your belt but can limit how far you can move your gear throughout the day if you want to adjust it when you sit down or enter a vehicle.
  • Paddle Holster: Paddle holsters can be fitted to go either outside of your clothing or be worn like an IWB holster. Rather than feeding through a belt, paddle holsters have a simple clip to fasten to your belt or pants, making them versatile for carrying a SIG SAUER when considering models that are IWB or OWB only.
How should you carry a firearm?

How to carry a gun will vary from person to person. Depending on whether you're left or right handed, you may want the holster on the corresponding hip. Many prefer to place their gun holster on the small of their back. Practicing technique will help you learn which placement is ideal for your model of SIG SAUER.

What if your pistol doesn't fit the holster?

It's not entirely uncommon for a leather gun holster to not immediately fit with every model of SIG SAUER. The leather needs time to stretch. Put your SIG SAUER into its sheath, and leave the gun there untouched for a week or so to break in the leather. It's important to select a holster that can support your model of SIG SAUER.

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