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Salon & Spa Equipment

Starting a salon and spa is a huge undertaking. This is especially true because you will need a wide variety of types of equipment specifically designed for salons and spas. However, once you have your salon equipment and spa necessities, you can focus on beauty and hair treatments that give your patrons the confidence they deserve to have.

What is a salon station?

A styling station, which includes a styling chair, is the collection of salon furniture where patrons sit to have their hair styled. The station includes a plush, comfortable styling chair and a mirror that allows patrons to watch while you work your magic. Styling chairs should be adjustable so that you save your back from unneeded stress and strain.

What salon equipment is needed?

Stylists need three main pieces of salon furniture to run a bustling professional salon:

  • Styling chairs and stations: This is where salon patrons sit to get styling and other beauty treatments done to their hair. This is also where you will keep your styling scissors, styling products, hair dryers, and other supplies.
  • Shampoo bowls: Shampoo bowls and chairs are required for washing a patrons hair with shampoo and other hair products. It is recommended that you also get a rubber lip that goes over the edge of the bowl to prevent neck cramps.
  • Dryers: Dryers help set updos and process hair color. They also allow you to give another patron a beauty treatment while one client is under the dryer, thereby maximizing your time.
What types of salon equipment do you need for nails?

Manicures and pedicures are a favorite beauty treatment for women to keep their nails, hands, and feet pampered and presentable. To properly paint nails and toes, you will need the following types of salon equipment:

  • Pedicure chair: These chairs are salon furniture that are specially designed to have a foot bath at the bottom, while still allowing patrons to sit back and relax.
  • Manicure station: This piece of salon furniture provides a place to get nails buffed and painted.
  • Nail polish rack: Having a rack among your salon furniture allows you to keep all of your polishes out and available for patrons to choose from.
  • Sanitation station: This is a piece of salon furniture where you can sanitize your nail art supplies in view of the patron.
  • Drying lamp: These lamps are specific salon equipment that help painted nails dry faster, preventing smudges. Patrons can also relax in the salon furniture in this area.
What types of salon equipment do you need for spas?

Spas come in all shapes and sizes. This means the types of spa equipment you need will depend on the types of services you want to offer patrons. Some common pieces of spa equipment include the following:

  • Massage table: Patrons can get a relaxing massage on this piece of salon furniture, leaving them feeling re-energized.
  • Wet room table: This table is a piece of salon furniture that is resistant to water, allowing you to offer body wraps, scrub treatments, and other wet treatments.
  • Multipurpose table: These tables allow you the flexibility to give patrons facials or massages. This furniture is also able to be used for a number of other salon beauty treatments.