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Find a Replacement for a Samsung Cellphone LCD Screen

If you have a cracked screen on a Samsung cellphone, you may wonder if it's possible to restore your phone to its original condition. There's no need to worry because are many options available to fix your screen. With a few tools and an LCD replacement, you can install a new screen.

When should you replace an LCD screen?

If the screen is cracked and nonfunctional, you need a replacement. If you notice that the screen is not responding or the resolution is fading, it may be time for a new replacement display as well. Even issues with the touch sensors may mean that it's time for an upgrade. Touch screens are controlled by a digitizer. A device that is not responding might need replacements for both the LCD screen and the digitizer.

Will a replacement screen be compatible with a Samsung smartphone?

As long as you have verified the model number of your Samsung, you can find a screen that works with your device. It is important to find the right part for your model. If you don't check the compatibility of the replacement part, you could end up with one that keeps your Samsung phone from functioning properly.

What Samsung models can you find these parts for?

There are many versions of the Samsung Galaxy on the market. You can find replacement parts for most of these models. Another option for many people is to buy parts that have come from another device. Since some phones have been replaced in this series, the parts are becoming more readily available on the aftermarket.

Some models for which you can obtain replacement parts include:

  • Galaxy S6 Edge.
  • Galaxy S4.
  • Galaxy S III.
  • Note 4.
  • Note 5.
What is needed to replace a Samsung LCD screen?

You need a screen replacement that is compatible with your Samsung device. You may also need a digitizer if the touch screen is not doing its job. Special screwdrivers and a pry tool will help you with the repair. You might also need a little time and patience. Try not to rush through the replacement process. The display parts are very intricate and need to be handled with care. You should take your time when removing and reinstalling them.

How should you care for your replacement display?

Once you have replaced your screen, keep it in good condition by installing a screen protector. This is usually a plastic or vinyl piece that goes over the display portion of the device. It can shield the screen from scratches. You may also want to get a case for the phone. It may not specifically protect the display, but it will protect the entire phone from bumps and drops.

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