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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Smartphone Parts

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Smartphone Parts

The Galaxy Note Edge 4 is made up of several different parts that all function together. If a part on the phone breaks, you can replace or repair it with these parts. Some common ones you may wish to replace include the LCD screen, camera, and charging port.

What parts make up the Galaxy Note 4?

There are several parts that make up this cell phone. Not all phones have the same hardware and other phones may be made of slightly different technology than a Galaxy Note phone. When something breaks on your phone, you may want to replace or repair it. In addition to parts, you may need tools to fix your phone such as a screwdriver or specific screws. Some of these tools may be available wholesale. Common Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone parts are:

  • Camera lens
  • Motherboard
  • OEM USB charging port dock
  • Battery cover case
  • LCD touchscreen digitizer assembly frame
  • SIM card reader
How do you replace the USB board?

If the USB board breaks on your cell phone, you can replace it. These steps only apply to a Samsung phone and will not work on other phones. You will want to remove the back case off the phone to start. Do not try to remove the front of the phone where the LCD screen is located. After that, take out the battery, the SIM card, and the microSD card. It is important to remember to put those back in when you are reassembling the phone. Detach the mid frame by removing the screws with a screwdriver. Separate the mid frame from the display assembly. Use a spudger or other tool to disconnect all of the connectors including the antenna cable, soft button cable, and USB board cable. Use your screwdriver again to remove the motherboard from the display assembly and then use the spudger to remove the USB board. You can then insert the new USB board and reattach the connectors and display assembly.

How do you replace the rear-facing camera?

To replace the rear-facing camera, you can follow the same steps ensuring that you do not damage the LCD screen when removing it from the mid frame. After you remove the USB board connector and the motherboard, you can release and remove the rear-camera connector and replace it with your new one. You can then reassemble the phone.

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