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Samsung Smartphone Parts for Galaxy S4

Keep Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Going Strong with Replacement Parts

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S4 smartphone in March 2013 and gave it a wide release in April of that year. The S4 runs on the Android operating system, uses the LTE data standard, has 16GB of memory, and includes several mechanical and digital mobile phone parts. If you find that a component on your Galaxy phone is in need of replacing, here are some factors to consider for replacement parts.

What Samsung Galaxy S4 display parts can you choose?
  • LCD screen: The LCD screen is the outer layer of the phones display. If you see cracks in your LCDs glass but can still access your touch screen, this is the broken layer of your Samsung smartphones display.
  • Digitizer: The digitizer is located under the LCD display. It is what allows you to interact with your phone via its touch screen.
What Galaxy S4 camera parts can you replace?

Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone may be equipped with one or more cameras. Most phones include an internal hard drive that can store texts, photos, and videos. These cameras usually consist of three main components:

  • Main unit: This is the housing for the camera itself. It uses a series of flex cables to interface with the rest of the device.
  • Lens: The lens may become cracked and fail to display images properly. You may be able to replace it while keeping the rest of the unit intact.
  • Bezel: The bezel covers the mounting hardware for the Samsung Galaxys camera and is available in different styles that match your Galaxy S4.
What other replacement parts are available?

Additional Samsung Galaxy S4 parts that might be prone to natural wear over time and need replacement include:

  • Keyboard or keypad.
  • Battery cover or battery charging port.
  • Power and volume buttons.
  • Adhesive that holds the layers of the smartphone together.
  • Speakers.
What tools can you use to repair your Android S4 smartphone?

You may need a variety of tools to deal with your Galaxy phones screws and adhesive layers or to remove nonworking components. Tools that may help you replace your phones parts include:

  • Screwdrivers: These items may feature telescopic handles that can extend your reach and a spinning end for one-handed use.
  • Pry bars: Pry bars can help you separate the front and back layers of your smartphone to access the components inside it. These are also known as spudgers.
  • Ejector: This tool may help you access the SIM card tray.
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