Adornos de temporada

Christmas Ornaments

Acquiring Christmas ornaments is one of the pleasures of life for many collectors. You can gather ornaments that reflect a specific colorway or decorating scheme, or choose a wide array of balls and other decorations to adorn your Christmas tree or family hearth. For many families, Christmas ornaments can also be beloved and sentimental mementos of holidays past.

What types of Christmas ornaments can be found?

  • Christmas tree balls often come in packs with enough ornaments to fill a good-sized tree. They come in a rainbow of colors that includes purple, white, turquoise blue, ultramarine, orange, silver, gold, red, green, and magenta. There are even black Christmas balls for an elegant look or even a Gothic style.
  • These balls come polished to a bright shine, burnished with a matte look, or dusted with glitter.
  • Others are faceted balls in silver, green, gold, and red that give the appearance of gemstones on the tree.
  • Other tree ornaments are balls made of clear plastic and filled with tiny gifts, or creative statuettes made in the likeness of Santa Claus, elves, or favorite cartoon characters.
  • You can also find year balls, Christmas ornaments that feature a particular year for a series of holiday mementos.

What other shapes do Christmas ornaments come in?

Ornaments can also come in the shapes of Christmas bells, snowflakes, snowballs and stars, Santa Claus, nativity scenes, angels, candy, and botanicals. Vintage, hand-carved dogs are on offer, as are realistic birds, butterflies, woodland and marine animals, cats, and mini-dinosaurs. With a variety, you can make your Christmas tree a wintertime menagerie.

Are there other decorations to add to your home?

  • You can add some additional Christmas spirit to your decor with streamers and ribbons that can be hung around the rooms and tinsel garland in silver or bright, shiny colors.
  • Ribbons made to resemble snow-dusted pine needles can be hung outside.
  • You will find a variety of Christmas tree toppers, gift bags, stockings, and brightly colored, carved wooden Christmas trains.
  • Hang colored rattan balls or pine garlands decorated with tiny balls, berries, and pine cones on the tree or anywhere in the room.
  • Make your dining table splendid with colorful Christmas tree table decorations. You can even make your fridge pretty with handle covers with elf or snowman prints.
  • Make post-Christmas clean-up easier with a luxurious faux-fur tree skirt.
  • Drape ropes of mini-beads over smaller trees, and dress up gifts with curly ribbon garland.