Silicone/Gel/Rubber Cell Phone Bumper Case for iPhone 6

Give Your iPhone 6 Extra Protection Using a Bumper Case

A bumper case or cover for your iPhone 6 might be one way you can add some insulation to it. If you drop your iPhone 6 looking up a recipe in the kitchen on the linoleum floor, the bumper portions that cover the outer corners of the case may be able to absorb some of the impact from the hard surface, minimizing possible damage. If youre looking for a way to add some protection to your iPhone 6, understanding what bumpers are and how to use them may help.

What is a cell phone bumper case?

Bumpers are special types of iPhone 6 covers that have a raised edge around the circumference of the casing. They are usually constructed from rubber or gel-like materials. The raised edges of the bumper case mean that it is the first thing to come into contact with a hard surface. These bumpers take the impact from a drop so that the iPhone 6s screen and other components have some measure of protection. This is why a bumper might be able to add an extra layer of physical security to your phone. You can usually install bumpers on the outside of your phone the same way you would any other cover.

What kinds of designs are available?

You may wish to purchase a case in a style or design that matches your iPhone 6 or your personal tastes. Some basic design categories you may find during your search include:

  • Glossy - Covers with a glossy finish may appear bright and shiny.
  • Matte - A matte finish or design may reduce light reflections on its surface.
  • Jeweled - Some case designs may feature jeweled inlays or accessories.
  • Patterned - You may find some bumpers with specific patterns such as floral prints, pop culture characters, or logo designs.
  • Transparent - A transparent case will reveal the true colors of your current iPhone.
What features do iPhone 6 bumpers have?

If you would like to purchase a bumper case with a certain range of features, you may be able to find models that include features such as:

  • A kickstand - This feature may allow you to use the bumper case to stand your iPhone on its own.
  • A card pocket - You may be able to store various cards in this pocket for your convenience.
  • Compartments - Some bumpers have additional compartments that may allow you to store small items.
  • Clips - You can clip some bumper cases to your clothing or backpack if you need to travel hands-free.
How do you choose a cover?

You may find the following criteria helpful when looking for a cover that suits your needs:

  • Choose a color - These items are available in common colors such as black, white, blue, green, or red.
  • Choose a design - You may want to choose one with a plain, solid color or a character design.
  • Choose some features - Choose the features that you would find most useful to you.